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painted icons, handmade icons, iconographic wooden panels, prayer rosaries, oil painting on canvas, iconographic panels, gessoed iconographic panels, leather prayer rosaries, woven prayer rosaries, leather feather earrings, priest's vestments, church vest

Hello, my name is Iryna, I manage the Phos Hilaron studio page. For many years I was in search of my life's work, and each new education for me was an exciting journey into a new science. Over time, I realized that needlework is what I like most. I consider icon painting to be the most important thing in life, but I also really like working with leather and oil paints, and I also dream of mastering pottery and fresco and mozaic.
We are not a factory, our products are made by hand and each has its own unique character. It made professionally, with many years of experience and great responsibility, but also each one is individual, and we pay attention to each of them personally before they fall into your hands. We are pleased with the contentment of our customers and appreciate each time they return to us.
Each product is made with great love and prayer. Enjoy your journey in our workshop!